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"Patents"- simplified

Patents are an essential aspect of protecting intellectual property rights. On World IP day, it is crucial to understand the significance of patenting your work and the advantages it brings.

A patent grants exclusive rights to the inventor for a specific period, allowing them to have sole ownership of their invention, whether it is a technical product or process. In exchange for this exclusivity, the inventor must provide a comprehensive disclosure of their invention. Patents are considered as incorporeal rights, safeguarding the innovative creations of individuals. The primary purpose of patent rights is to protect inventions. Once you have a patent, others are generally not allowed to utilize, reproduce, sell, rent, import, or stock your invention without obtaining your prior permission. This ensures that your invention remains under your control and prevents unauthorized use or exploitation.


To apply for a patent, certain criteria must be met. Firstly, the invention must be novel, meaning it should not have been made public before the date of the application, even by the inventor themselves. Secondly, the invention must demonstrate an inventive step, offering a unique and non-obvious solution to a problem. Lastly, the invention must have industrial applicability, meaning it should be feasible to manufacture the invention.

Before submitting a formal patent application, it is advisable to conduct thorough research in the patent database to ensure that no similar invention has already been patented by someone else. The invention should be distinct from existing designs or should present an improvement upon them to be considered for a patent. Accuracy and attention to detail are crucial during the application process.


By understanding the importance of patents and following the necessary steps to protect your inventions, you can ensure that your innovative work remains secure and that you have the exclusive rights to benefit from its commercialization.


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