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About Us

We are the corporate and commercial lawyers born out of professional excellence cultivated out of good sound judgment, rock solid integrity, honesty, competence, objectivity, practical wisdom, stoic courage and a passion to render quality legal service.


GLG is a one stop commercial corporate law firm.

Our History

Established 1986

GLG was born in 1986 under a different name. It is the third indigenous firm to be formed in Zimbabwe after independence.


Evolving from Gambe Chinyenze & Associates, Gambe Chinyenze & Makarau, Gambe Mandima and Partners, Gambe and Associates, Gambe and Partners, all combining senior lawyers in partnership.


Our evolution is now complete, and we are GLG, Gambe Law Group. Gambe Law Group prides itself in how it translates individual knowledge, skills and experience into group delivery to the benefit of its clients.

Then to now, some members of the firm have gone to become senior political figures, senior management in banks and commerce as well as Supreme Court Judges or are in practice somewhere all keeping in good contact with the firm as our Alumnus. The senior partner is the mainstay of the founding partners.


Our philosophy centres on collaborative teamwork. To this end, the firm has rebranded its name to reflect the growth in the group, linkage and inter-dependence of firm members.

The group comprises of 4 partners, 4 associates, two interns, a research fellow, management and support staff.


The legal departments are meant to create specialisation and expertise in those specific areas, with the flexibility of knowledge and expertise sharing. GLG has made a name in the market. The shared cumulative experience effects span over three decades as GLG approaches its Ruby Anniversary in 2026.

Law Office


91 Livingstone Avenue

Corner 8th Street




Tel: +263 (0242) 251247 | 251357-9



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